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How to make Ethernet cable ?

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What is the different Ethernet cable structures?

Cable Category
Cable picture
cat5 utpcat5e utpcat5e sftpcat6 utpcat6 sftpcat 6a fftpcat 7a fftp
conductormaterialSolid BC/CCASolid BC/CCASolid BC/CCASolid BC/CCASolid BC/CCASolid/Strand BCSolid BC
size24AWG x 4P24AWG x 4P24AWG x 4P23AWG x 4P


23AWG x 4P23AWG x 4P
Min.thickness0.188 mm0.188 mm0.250 mm0.200 mm0.20 mm0.350 mm0.350 mm
Avg.thickness0.205 mm0.205 mm0.265 mm0.220 mm0.20 mm0.360 mm0.360 mm
diameter0.9+/-0.01mm0.9+/-0.01mm1.05+/-0.01mm1.03+/-0.01mm1.02+/-0.01 mm1.33+/-0.05mm1.35+/-0.10mm

wrap/screen////PE tape//PE tapeevery pair screen Alu Foilevery pair screen Alu Foil
drain wire////TC 1/0.4mm//TC 1/0.4mmTC 1/0.4mmTC 1/0.4mm
shield/overall screen////Alu foil//Alu foil+ braidAlu foilAlu foil+ braid
separatormaterial////Nylon or //NylonNylon////
Min.thickness0.50 mm0.54 mm0.55mm0.54mm0.65 mm0.65mm0.65mm
Avg.thickness0.55 mm0.60 mm0.60mm0.60mm0.80mm0.80mm0.80mm
rip cord//NylonNylonNylonNylonNylonNylon
colorper requestper requestper requestper requestper requestper requestIce blue

Ethernet cable manufacturing process:

Condutor bunching(stranded) → Conductor insulating → Pair twist with back twist →4P laying up+screening → braiding shielding(ftp/sftp) → cable jacket extruding.

Equipment required to produce Ethernet cable:

TZ-BM300 double twist bunching machine → for conductors if using stranded 7 x 0.145 mm(0.12 mm2 /26AWG)

TZ-EP50+35 extruder line→for conductor insulating using HDPE/PE of 4 colours (as required with stripes).

TZ-ET35+60+40 physical foaming extrusion line→  for conductor insulating using skin-foam(SF)/skin-foam-skin(SFS) technology

TZ-PT500 pair twist+back twist machine→ for each single pair twisting with back twisting purpose 

TZ-SC800 cantilever single twisting machine → for 4 pairs cabling along with universal Alu foil screening or single pair Alu foil screening or both+ripcord/separator filling.

16 carriers braiding machine → for inner shielding of tinned copper/Mg-Al wire with Alu foil screening

TZ-EP70(+50)  extruder line→for outer jacket sheathing of PVC (or dual layer jacketing of PVC+LSZH)

TZ-CE400 Ethernet cable cross figure coiling machine→for finished ethernet cable coiling 1000 feet/reel (can be online with jacketinig line)

Tips for making Ethernet cable:

1. Insulation:

concentricity need around 95%-97%, use different core wire diameter to reduce crosstalk between the two wires.

2. Pair twisting:

(1) back twist can reduce the eccentricity influence of resistant; theoretically speaking higher back twist ratio with better performance.

(2) Pair twist pitch influence the Near-End Crosstalk and attenuation; in the pair twisting process, the two wire keep same stable and equal tension as much as possible.

3. four pairs cabling:

Cabling pitch influence the stability of the cable inner structure, the cabling pitch is around 100mm, the pitch need to keep stable, 4 pairs wires tension equal, use big size guiding pulleys to decrease bending, keep the cable inner structure stable and tight.

4. Jacket extruding:

The cable jacket need to keep smooth, round. The cover of the jacket can't be too big or small, it should not make the cable loose or stress the cable inner structure.

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