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Advantages Of Bunching Machine-TaiZheng

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The bunching machine is widely used in the stranding of various soft/hard conductor wires (copper wire, enameled wire, tinned wire, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum, etc.) and electronic wires, such as power cords, telephone wires, audio wires, video Stranding of cables, car cables, and network cables.

Advantages of bunching machine

1. While saving labor costs, the production efficiency is high: more than 1,400 wires are automatically wound per hour (the result of the 1.2-meter wire test); an average of 2-3 labor is saved

2. High machine quality and stability;

3. Wide range of supporting wires: AC (including product suffix), DC (including single magnetic ring), data cable, etc.;

4. There are many types of cable ties: universal with iron core wire and without iron core wire (environmental protection);

5. The machine is simple and dexterous

TaiZheng is a professional bunching machine manufacturer in China , with more than 10 years of development and production experience, and is well received by various customers. Welcome to contact us.

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