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Advantages Of Flexible Fireproof Cable

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The mica tapping machine is an important piece of equipment for the production of flexible fire-resistant cables. Choosing a good machine can produce high-quality flexible fire-resistant cables. Flexible fireproof cables are becoming more and more popular. High-quality flexible fireproof cables will occupy the market. What are the advantages of flexible fireproof cables?

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Advantages of flexible fireproof cable

1. Excellent fire resistance: The fire resistance grade not only meets the national standard GB12666.6 AA 950℃, 90 min but also meets the A grade 650℃ 3 h, B 750℃ 3 h, C 950℃3 specified by the British BS6387-1994. h test requirements; at the same time, it is also resistant to water spray and mechanical shock combustion;

2. Continuous length: whether it is a single-core cable or a multi-core cable, its length can meet the requirements of the power supply system, and each continuous length can reach 1000 meters;

Larger cross-section: single-core cable cross-section 1000 mm, multi-core cable cross-section 240 mm;

4. Good flexibility: the cable can be placed on the cable reel, with a bending radius ≤20 D, (cable outer diameter D);

5. Smoke-free and non-toxic during combustion: Inorganic materials (non-combustible) are used as insulation materials, and no harmful gases are produced during combustion, and there is no secondary pollution. It is called a green product;

6. Large overload capacity: the cable not only has a high overload capacity but also a high overload capacity.

7. Corrosion resistance: Organic insulated fire-resistant cables sometimes need to wear plastic pipes or iron pipes. Plastic pipes are easy to age and become brittle, iron pipes are easy to rust, and the copper sheath of fire-resistant cables does not need to be worn. The copper sheath has good corrosion resistance;

8. Good shielding performance: fire-proof cables are laid in the same shaft with the same information and control lines, and are shielded by copper sheaths, which will not interfere with the information transmitted by the signal and control cables;

9. Safe and reliable: the fireproof cable can supply power normally in the flame, can start fire extinguishing equipment, reduce fire loss, and is particularly reliable for personal safety. Its copper sheath is an excellent conductor and the best grounding PE wire, and it is sustainable Up to the full length of the cable, greatly improving the sensitivity and reliability of grounding protection;

10. Long service life: Inorganic insulating materials are resistant to high temperatures and not easy to aging, and their service life is many times that of organic insulated cables. Under normal working conditions, their service life can reach more than one hundred years;

11. Simple installation: Flexible fireproof cables for transportation and installation, including installation accessories, are similar to ordinary cables and simpler;

12. Low installation cost: Due to the advanced manufacturing technology and simple installation, compared with mineral insulated cables, the overall cost is significantly reduced under the same conditions.

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