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The Difference Between Automatic Winding Machine And Semi-Automatic Winding Machine

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With the advancement of science and technology and the development of industry, the winding machine profession is also becoming more sophisticated. The winding machine has developed from a general winding machine to an active winding machine and a fully automatic winding machine. The winding machine skills are getting better and better, and the equipment is more and more advanced.

So, what is the difference between a semi-automatic winding machine and a fully automatic winding machine? Let’s take a look:

The semi-automatic winding machine varies greatly, but for the purchaser, the simple summary is that only one person needs to feed the vibrating disk (dumping the product skeleton), and several winding machines can be handled by one person at a relatively high price. It's expensive; the other person needs to load the material (generally one person corresponds to a winding machine and puts the product skeleton on the fixture). The price is relatively cheap; this is a semi-automatic winding machine that requires manual feeding, and there is no vibration plate. The person sits in front of the machine, manually installs the product skeleton on the fixture, and the rest is done by the machine. The correct operation, protection and maintenance of the winding machine is one of the key factors for the correct use of the winding equipment.

Fully automatic winding machine is a machine that winds linear objects onto a specific workpiece. It has functions such as automatic cable arranging, automatic foot wrapping, automatic thread trimming, and automatic loading and unloading skeletons. The production efficiency of this type of machine is extremely high, greatly It reduces the reliance on labor. An operator can take care of several of these devices at the same time. The production quality is relatively stable, which is very suitable for processing occasions with high output requirements.

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