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Automatic Winding Machine, Choose TAIZHENG

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At present, the automatic winding machine is an essential production tool for all kinds of electronic and electrical devices. Having a large number of high-end CNC winding machines is also a prerequisite for enterprises to realize automated production. In the past, the overall level of winding machines in our country was relatively low, generally by importing advanced foreign winding machine equipment. The arrival of Industry 4.0 has prompted my country to invest heavily in industry, especially in the equipment manufacturing sector, making leading companies like TAIZHENG with better technology and R&D advantages stand out among many companies, making the strong stronger.


Dongguan Taizheng Wire Machine Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating high-tech, equipment automation and high-end type, focusing on R&D, manufacturing, sales and other services of winding machines. Since its development, it has made every effort to create a "corporate culture of R&D, innovation, meritocracy, unity and hard work". In order to compete in the market, perfecting the performance, accuracy and efficiency of the equipment is the foundation of Taizheng's development. Introduce foreign high-precision processing equipment and perfect operation process, and actively innovate and establish the enterprise attribute of "survive by quality, survive by system".

Through decades of hard work and accumulation, Taizheng has changed the winding machine from an ordinary winding machine to an automatic winding machine, a fully automatic winding machine, a fully automatic twelve-axis winding machine and then a fully automatic sixteen-axis winding machine. . In the field of winding machines, it has been imitated and never surpassed, and constantly provides coil winding solutions for 100 manufacturers around the world.

As the country invests heavily in the equipment manufacturing industry and supports the development of the electronics industry, Taizheng will continue to develop and manufacture at a faster development rate, change the domestic single product sales status, and use its own products as part of the solution instead of Only appearing as a separate product, taking the route of specialization and tight integration with industrial needs, it has become a real king in the winding machine market.

Dongguan Taizheng Wire Machine Co., Ltd is a professional well-know Taiwan-funded enterprises with production of wire & cable equipment in mainland China. Our company supplys different kinds of products. High quality and favorable price. Our main products is extruder line, also capable for Bunching Machine, Coiling machine, Plastic Extrusion, Taping Machine, Twisting Machine etc! We have perfect customizd service and after-sales service, if have any qustions, please feel free to contact us.    

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