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HS code:8451800090
Model: TZ-RS800,TZ-RS1600,TZ-RS2500
Application:for re-spooling of wooden/metal/plastic drums
Suitable materials:power cable,optic fiber cable,patch cord etc,
Production capacity:300 m/min max
Warranty:12 months

Why re-spooling process required ?

  1. For the continuous paying-off and taking-up of the wire and the cable.

  2. For the delivery length required by customer, the re-spooling unit is necessary for customized length.

  3. For matching the drums performance which required by the next process machinery.

  4. For changing the different drums type required during each differ cable manufacturing process.

  5. To match the performance and the speed of the lines they are serving.

This will make the line more efficient thanks to the lesser amount of stops for reel changes because these operations have to be carried out sometimes manually or semi-automatically and in other occasions automatically.

Our supplied re-spooling unit available for metal drum/wooden drum/plastic drum.

The complete re-spooling production line usually consist of pay-off device, tension dancer,length counter, spark tester(optional), marking device (optional), traverse take-up machine etc.

Typical Production Line compositions:(Model TZ-RS800)

1. 630-800mm magnetic clutch pay-off.

2. Wire roller guiding and straightening device

3. Meter counter

4. 500-630mm take-up machine

5. Control cabinet

Typical production line design

1.Suitable wire diameters: 2.0-8.0mm

2.Mechanical line speed: max 230 m/min

3.Pay-off way: magnetic clutch

4.Traversing way: uhing traverse

5.Take-up way: torque motor 

6.Power supply: 380V,3P,50 Hz.

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