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HS code:84794000
Application:for insulated core single twisting with online filling and screening
Suitable materials:Ethernet Cable,Control Cable,power cord etc,
Production capacity:800 rpm,44 m/min(lay length=55)
Warranty:12 months

Wire Twister for Sale - Cantilever Single Twisting Machine

Our single twisting machines are specially designed for the stranding of insulated conductors with or without inner lapping for the production of data cables and special cables. At TAIZHENG our single twisting machine are tailor made for specific cable productions according to the customer's requirements. Please inquire for our models for reel dia. 500 – 630– 800 – 1000 and 1250 mm.

we proudly claim that our wire single twisters are the absolute reference on the China market thanks to their high production speed and the quality of the finished products, but also thanks to their longer lifespan, their easy maintenance, their user friendliness! The short time needed for bobbin or reel loading and unloading is a real plus.

For unilay stranding purpose of control cable,cantilever single twisting machine is the best idea match your demands.It also widely be used for Ethernet cable four pair cabling along with filler and Alu foil tapping.

Application: For PE/PVC etc insulated core wire twisting & center tapping or side tapping & drain wire filling.

Suitable cable type: Ethernet cable, control cable, date cable, power cord.

Equipment characteristic :

1. stable lay pitch.

2. Steady tension suitable for high quality cable.

3. Friendly interface,PLC touch screen setting.

4. All standard parts taken original imported.

Consist of twisting production line:

Active/Passive Pay-offs

Guide Assembly platform

Tapping unit(optional)

Yarn filler plate(optional)

PLC control cabinet

Cantilever Single Twisting Machine

Take-up bobbin500mm630mm800mm1000mm1250mm
Pay-off bobbin400-500mm500-630 mm
Inlet wire diam (mm)0.4-2.00.6-3.00.6-4.50.8-5.51.0-6.0
Twisted cable diam(mm)48152030


Main drive10 HP15 HP20 HP30 HP50 HP
Take-up5 HP5 HP10 HP10 HP15 HP
Traverse1 HP1 HP2 HP2 HP4 HP
Brake systemPneumatic Air brake
Tapping set
longitudinal tapping unit or straight tapping unit as required,option of yarn filler
S / Z 
No.of Pay-offs are customized according to customer demands.

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