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Classification Of Plastic Extruder

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Plastic Extrusion Machines

According to the “extruder” we can classify the plastic extruder to: single screw plastic extruder, twin screw plastic extruder and multiple screw extruder. TAIZHENG MACHINE manufacturing the single screw plastic extrusion machine by this clarification.

According to “ plastic” sharp we can classify the plastic extrusion machines to "plastic powder extrusion machine" "plastic pallet extrusion machine” or “plastic granules extrusion machine” or “ plastic compound extrusion machine” etc.TAIZHENG MACHINE as plastic extruder manufacturer supply the plastic extrusion machine by means of granules,pallet and compound.

According to the "plastic" type we can classify the plastic extruder to:

Polymerplastic extruder: such as PVC extruder, PAT extruder, PPT extruder, TPE extruder, PE extruder, XLPE/LDPE/HDPE extruder, TPU extruder, PLA extruder, PET extruder etc.

Fluoroplastics extruder: such as FEP extruder, PFA extruder, PTFE extruder, PVDF extruder, ETFE extruder, PCTFE extruder etc.

Rubber extruder: such as SBR, CR, NR, EPDM, BR, Silicone Rubber extruder etc.

TAIZHENG MACHINE deep involved for extruding technology with over 15 years experience as professional plastic extruder manufacturer, we are capable to supply all the mentioned plastic type single screw extrusion line, and 90% of our manufactured extrusion line are used for wire and cable production.

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