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Several Common Control Systems Of Winding Machine

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The development of the winding machine has experienced many technological reforms and innovations so far. From the early manual winding machine to the current fully automatic CNC winding machine, the efficiency and performance have been greatly improved, and the degree of automation of the equipment has also increased. In the coming years, many modern high and new technologies have gradually appeared in the control system of the winding machine. The technical development of the controller of the winding machine is roughly divided into three stages: simple control system, CNC control system, and high-precision servo control.

 (1) Simple winding machine control system

This system is applied to the early simple winding machine, the function is very simple, can only achieve simple functions such as electronic counting, output accumulation, spindle forward and reverse control, and the core control unit generally uses a single chip microcomputer. At present, most of the low-end winding machine control systems on the market adopt this control method, which uses a single-chip control system. Compared with the early manual winding machine, it has a high degree of automation, small size, high control accuracy, and reduces the labor of workers.

 (2) CNC winding machine control system

The CNC control system was born in the United States, prevalent in Europe, America and Japan. The CNC control system was applied earlier in Taiwan and the domestic manufacturers started later. Therefore, the stability and performance of the early domestic CNC controllers are not as good as those of Taiwan’s original products. There is no obvious difference between the performance of the domestic CNC control system and Taiwan products at present. The CNC controller is currently the most used controller for automatic winding machines. Its superior expansion performance makes the classification of CNC winding machines more, with single axis , Multi-axis, etc. Document 13 introduces the application of PLC in the CNC automatic winding machine. The internal soft contacts of the program are used to replace the previous mechanical contacts, and the internal counters of the program are used to replace the previous dialing counters. With the use of the touch screen, the design cycle can be shortened. It is very convenient to install and debug, which not only satisfies sequential logic control and timing/counting control, but also ensures the accuracy of position control.

(3) Servo high precision winding machine control system

The emergence of a high-precision control system is to meet the requirements of modern high-precision and high-quality enameled wire coils. Since the automatic winding machine adopts the design of dual servo plus PLC, its control accuracy is much higher than that of the ordinary winding machine. The PLC control unit makes the function of the winding machine more customizable, and is often used for coil processing with high accuracy requirements.


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