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Compressive Ability Of Coil Tapping Machine

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The compression strength of coil tapping machine tape is not good enough. The key reasons are:

1. The temperature of the extrudate is too low;

2. Too much grease overflows;

3. The production angular velocity is too fast, so that the sheath is extremely fast refrigerated;

4. The temperature of the water opening tank is too low, and it is close to the die opening;

5. The ratio of the mold matching is too small, or the mold matching is unscientific, which makes it loose

6. The melting point of the compound bag around the bag is too high;

Based on the above reasons, you should pay attention to the mold matching regulations and adjust according to the cable core when necessary; it is not allowed to cool the sheath at extreme speed to improve the bonding ability; it is not possible to improve the shaping ability of the sheath to reduce the engine temperature too much ; Pay attention to the filling amount of grease, it is better to scrape off a very thin layer by gently pressing the cable core with your fingers.

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