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Empty Test Procedure Of Cable Extrusion Machine

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Empty test procedure of cable extrusion machine

1. Check whether the lubrication parts of the equipment and the quality of the lubricating oil in the reduction box meet the standards, and add or add enough lubricating oil appropriately, and the lubricating oil level is at the high line of the marking line (add L-CKC150 gear oil in the gear box).

2. The control box circuit is closed for power supply.

3. Start the lubricating hydraulic pump, and input the lubricating oil into each lubricating part, and check whether the working position of each lubricating oil is normal.

4. Check whether there are foreign objects in the hopper and barrel, and whether the magnetic frame in the hopper is ready for work.

5. Start the lubricating oil pump motor to check whether the rotation direction of the motor is the same as the working direction of the pump. If it is correct, start the lubricating oil pump formally and check whether the position of the lubricating oil spraying oil is correct and whether there is leakage in the pipeline. After everything is normal , Lubricate for 3 minutes.

6. Start the screw drive motor at low speed (the screw can not be stopped at high speed, and run at high speed immediately when it is not charged. The knob must be reset to zero when it is stopped), and observe whether the pendulum needle of the ammeter and voltmeter on the control box is abnormal, and the power Consumption does not exceed 15% of the rated (idling time shall not exceed 3 minutes).

7. Check whether the screw rotation direction is correct, and check whether there is friction between the screw and the barrel.

8. Check whether the oil, water, and gas pipelines are leaking, and whether the connection methods and flow directions are correct.

9. Stop the rotation of the screw, exit the screw, check the screw and barrel working surface for scratches or groove marks, if any, replace the equipment.

10. Screw work adjustment and inspection test, use a tachometer to measure the maximum and minimum rotation speed of the screw drive shaft, and compare the instructions.

11. Does the emergency stop button on the test equipment work accurately and reliably?

12. After checking that everything is normal, reinstall the screw.

13. The barrel is heated and heated, the operation sequence is as follows:

⑴ Each section of the barrel is heated and heated, and the temperature control instrument is adjusted according to the requirements of the extrusion process temperature. Special personnel are responsible for it. Others cannot set and modify the process parameters privately.

⑵ After heating to the required temperature of the process, keep it at a constant temperature for 1 hour, and record the heating time.

(3) Detect the temperature of each section of the barrel with a mercury thermometer, verify the difference between the temperature of the adjustment meter and the actual temperature measured by the mercury thermometer.

⑷ Whether the heating resistor open circuit alarm device in the heating device of the test barrel can accurately alarm.

⑸ Turn off the heating power of the barrel, start the cooling device separately, and check the working condition of the cooling system. The water should flow smoothly and there is no leakage.

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