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How To Solve The Problem Of Copper And Aluminum Wiring Of Transmission Lines

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Electrical connection problems between copper bars, aluminum bars, copper and aluminum cables, and wiring terminals are often encountered in corporate or civil power transmission lines. In these connections, as long as the two ends of the joint are made of two different materials, copper and aluminum, the problem of copper and aluminum joints will be encountered. According to historical experience, if certain measures are not taken for the copper-aluminum connection, it is easy to generate heat, corrosion, or disconnection at the connection point, resulting in electrical faults such as disconnection, short-circuit, and power failure of the power supply line. Next, plastic extrusion machine manufacturer -TaiZheng teaches you how to solve the problem of copper and aluminum wiring of transmission lines?

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If you want copper and aluminum joints to be as firm and continuous as joints of the same material, there are several measures:

1. When the aluminum wire is connected to the copper terminal (for example, the aluminum cable is connected to the air switch), a copper-aluminum transition terminal (nozzle) is required. The copper-aluminum transition terminal is a combination of copper and aluminum, and the contact surface is a molecular gap. , There will be no disadvantages of copper-aluminum joints.

2. Copper-aluminum connection with copper wire: use a copper-aluminum transitional wiring tube.

3. The copper wire is connected to the aluminum bar: the copper tube aluminum head copper-aluminum transition wire terminal is used, but because of the small amount of this type of terminal, it is not easy to buy in the market. The method that the author adopts in practice is to use more than one aluminum bar at the joint. A piece of copper bar is crimped with bolts, and copper wire terminals are connected to the side of the copper bar. As long as the contact surface is sufficiently large, the problem of copper-aluminum joints can also be solved.

4. Aluminum bar connected to copper bar: more than twice the overlap length of the common metal of the same kind, and more bolts are used to compact it.

5. The aluminum bar is connected to the air switch: first connect a section of copper bar to the air switch, and then do as the fourth item.

6. Coating a small amount of white petroleum jelly on the joints of the aluminum row can reduce the corrosion of the aluminum row.

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