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Installation And Maintenance Of Bunching Machine

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TaiZheng is teh leading bunching machine manufacturer in China, offers wire buncher machines, many customers want to extend the life of the machine and create more profits, so we must develop the maintenance of the machine in our daily work. Now, let's talk about the installation and maintenance of wire buncher machine.

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1. After installation, check in detail whether the cable buncher is stable, and reinforce any unstable parts.

2. Perform a slow rotation for 10 minutes before starting the machine. After stopping the machine, check whether the parts are firm and whether there are lubricating parts lacking oil, and solve the problems that are found out.

3. According to the specification, type, number of strands and wire diameter of the soft copper stranded wire, make preparations before bundled wire. Ready to insert the twisted copper wire through the stranded spool hole, and then lead the stranded wire reel into the bow-shaped coil reel, and after the lead-in reel, the stranded wire is wound on the coil via the traction reel and the light bar. With on. Adjust the required pitch.

4. The wire buncher machine is configured for frequency conversion control and speed regulation, using ordinary motors. The copper wire drawn from the wire reel installed on the wire pay-off rack (provided by the user), after the double twist buncher is manually introduced, the wire should be rotated slowly so that the introduced copper wire will not be threaded when the machine is turned on, and can run normally .

5. The lifting height of the upper and lower wire reels is adjusted by the hydraulic lifting system, which makes the loading and unloading of the wire reels more convenient. After installation of the spool, the operating rod should be placed in the original position, so that the bow-shaped turning circle is separated from the working plane of the upper and lower spools to prevent foreign matter under the working disk.

6. Install the spool so that the spool can rotate flexibly between the top wheels. When installing the spool, pay attention to whether the locking pin is tightened, so that the spool will fall off between the top wheels and cause the bow-shaped turning circle to collide and cause damage to the machine.

7. When the cable buncher is twisted, the drive of the take-up reel is frictional and slipped by the friction wheel at the front end, and the friction belt on the friction wheel should be adjusted to adapt to the stranded wire warp.

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