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Introduction Of Plastic Extruder Machine

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The working principle of the plastic extrusion machine is to use the fluidity of the screw and the heated plastic to extrude the plastic through the die, and finally obtain the finished product.

The model of the plastic extrusion machine is distinguished according to the diameter of the screw. Generally speaking, the larger the model, the larger the diameter of the screw, the greater the extrusion capacity of the machine, and the larger the product. Therefore, when choosing a plastic extruder, please choose the model of the machine according to your product.

The plastic extruder is divided into a power part, a transmission part, a plastic feeding part, a screw and a screw for the plastic extrusion part, and an extrusion molding part. The cold feed extruder is also equipped with temperature control components. The temperature control of the machine usually uses water to control the temperature. The equipment is equipped with a mold temperature controller to achieve a constant temperature effect. The screw barrel of the plastic extruder is divided into several parts for temperature control to achieve the purpose of producing qualified products.

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