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Introduction To Mica Taping Machine

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Mica taping machine is used to wrap the wrapping tape (mica tape, aluminum foil tape, paper tape) on the wire and cable core. It is one of the equipment for producing fireproof cables, control cables, communication cables and so on. The model has advanced design, scientific and reasonable configuration, convenient operation, stable performance, fast wrapping speed, good quality, superior intelligent control, low noise, time-saving and power-saving advantages.

Features of mica taping machine:

(1) The use of tray-type (barrel-type) mica tape has a long tape length, which is equivalent to 15-20 reels of tray-type mica tape. Basically, there is no need to change the tape. The continuous use of 8000-10000 meters does not stop and saves workers.

With time and labor intensity of workers, unmanned operation or one person to operate 4-6 machines can be realized, which saves labor and labor intensity of workers.

(2) After the tape is broken, the machine will stop automatically, and the machine will stop automatically when the wire is broken. Workers can handle it calmly when operating multiple machines;

(3) The winding tension adopts magnetic powder automatic tension, which is automatically controlled by Siemens PLC, with stable tension and good winding quality;

(4) Adopt advanced turntable structure to reduce wind noise and realize real high-speed wrapping;

(5) The man-machine interface color touch screen is used to operate the whole machine, and the real-time production data display is clear at a glance.

mica taping machine

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