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Maintenance Of Wire And Cable Extrusion Machine

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Taizheng is the leading plastic extruder manufacturer in China, and offers plastic extrusion machines. Many customers do not know how to maintain the machines after purchasing wire extrusion machines. Now, TaiZheng tells you how to maintain your machine so that it can last longer, save costs and create more wealth for you.

Maintenance and maintenance of extruder

The screw extrusion system adopts two methods of daily maintenance and regular maintenance for maintenance.

(1) Daily maintenance is a regular routine work. It does not account for the operating hours of the wire extrusion machine. It is usually completed during the start-up. The focus is on cleaning the machine. Lubricating the moving parts. Tightening the threaded parts that are easy to loose. Check in time. Adjust. Motor, control instrument, various working parts and pipelines, etc.

(2) Regular maintenance is usually carried out after the cable extrusion machine has been continuously operated for 2500-5000h. The machine needs to be disassembled for inspection. Measurement. Identification of the wear of the main parts. Replacement of parts that have reached the specified wear limit. Repair of damaged parts.

(3) It is not allowed to run empty cars, so as not to roll the screw and machine.

(4) If an abnormal noise occurs during the operation of the cable extrusion machine, it should be stopped immediately and inspected or repaired.

(5) Strictly prevent metal or other debris from falling into the hopper. To avoid damage to the screw and barrel. In order to prevent iron debris from entering the barrel. Magnetic absorption components or magnetic stands can be installed at the material entering the barrel feeding port. To prevent debris When the material falls, the material must be screened in advance.

(6) Pay attention to the clean production environment. Do not mix garbage and impurities into the material to block the filter plate. It will affect the output of the product. The quality and increase the resistance of the head.

(7) When the wire extrusion machine needs to be stopped for a long time. The screw, the machine, the head and other working surfaces should be coated with anti-rust grease. The small screw should be hung in the air or placed in a special wooden box. Wood The block is flattened to avoid deformation or bruising of the screw.

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