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Matters Needing Attention When Mica Taping Machine Works

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The wire tapping machine is divided into single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer wrapping. The wrapping tape (mica tape, tissue tape, aluminum foil, polyester film, etc.) is rotated on the turntable and wrapped on the core wire. The mica taping machine is mainly used for wrapping insulated core wires of wires, power cables, control cables, and optical cables.

mica tape taping machine

Due to the small conductor diameter of the small cross-section power cable, the selected mica tape has a narrow width. Under high temperature conditions, the insulation resistance of the mica tape drops sharply, and it is easy to flashover (electric flashover) between the wrapping gaps. Too many flashovers caused the fast fuse to blow, but the breakdown point was not found during the analysis of the cause. In this case, in addition to the appropriate increase in the number of wrapping layers, if the production conditions permit, Try to choose a wider range of mica tape, while staggering the gaps around the package.

For fire-resistant cables with larger cross-sections, the problem is not very big. As long as you pay attention to it during the manufacturing process, so as not to damage the mica tape, the qualified rate of the finished cable is higher. Since the refractory mica tape is easily damaged, it is important to note that the preservation of the refractory mica tape is as important as its use. The transfer and storage of the refractory mica tape during the wrapping process must prevent collisions, scratches (scratches) and damage to the mica tape. The wound semi-finished products Arrange for extrusion insulation as soon as possible to prevent moisture absorption. In the process of extrusion insulation, avoid too small radius of curvature of the guide wheel, and at the same time, pay attention to the extrusion die not to scratch the mica layer.

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