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nose clip extrusion line for face mask production

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  • Brief Introduction:

The nose clip is used in a mask to shape the nose bridge. It is functionally required to withstand multiple bending and adjustment. Therefore, the nose clip is made of all-plastic stripe or coated conductor wire. The specifications of common nose clip on the market are as follows:

Full plastic type: 

2.9-3.0mm wide, 0.95-1.0mm thick, embossed on one or both sides, white, made of modified PE material.

nose clip abc

Coated type: 

Galvanized iron wire single monofilament (applied to disposable masks), wire diameter 0.45 / 0.5 / 0.55mm

Galvanized iron wire double monofilament (applied to N95 mask),  wire diameter 0.5 / 0.55mm

The coating material is soft PE material, usually white color

The completed specifications are: 

0.35 (the thinnest part) * 1.0 (the thickest part) * 3.5 (total width)-disposable mask specifications

0.30 (the thinnest part) * 1.0 (the thickest part) * 4.8 (total width)-N95 mask specifications

The length of the nose clip used for a single mask is about 75-85mm 

coated type nose clip

  • Elements for nose clip manufacturing

tip and die for nose clip production


raw materials of galvanized wire and texture embossing device


Take-up bobbins for finished nose clip


  • Nose Clip Extrusion Production Line


1. Equipment use

The equipment is suitable for high-speed extrusion of PE materials. It is mainly used for the production of nose clip and cable ties for masks. It can also be used for the extrusion of UL electronic wires, earphone cables, computer cables, power cord, and automobile wires.

2. Main parameters

2.1. Manufacturing type: used to produce all-plastic or coated nose clip for face masks.

2.2. Extruding material: suitable for high-speed extrusion of PE plastics, with a plasticization degree of 100%.

2.3. Conductor wire diameter: Ф0.4 ~ Ф3.0mm. (The wire diameter needs to be equipped with the corresponding mold)

2.4. Suitable wire diameter: Ф0.8mm ~ Ф5.0mm.

2.5. Designed line speed: 0 ~ 400m / min. (Linear speed depends on wire diameter)

2.6. Center height: 1000mm.

2.7. Electricity Source: 380V + 10% 50HZ Three-phase five-wire system

2.8. Operation direction: host (operation from left to right)

2.9. Equipment occupied area: 25 meters long x 3 meters wide x 2.5 meters high

2.10. The total power of the equipment: The total power of the equipment is about 20KW.

2.11. Machine color: overall appearance: apple green; bright blue.

The appearance of the electric box: Same as the whole machine; Pantone7527U gray-white corrugated paint.

All colors: yellow. (Color can be according to customer requirements)

3. Line composition

No.Name & SpecificationQuantityRemarks
3.1Dual head passive pay-off1
3.2Wire straightening device1
3.370mm single screw extruder1included cross-head
3.4Hopper dryer and feeder1
3.5PLC control cabinet1
3.6Movable water trough1
3.7Laser diameter gauge1
3.8Fixed water cooling trough1included air wiper
3.9Dual wheel capstan1
Texture embossing device1optional
3.11Tension accumulator1
Digital length counter1
3.13Spark tester machine1optional
3.14Dual shaft take-up machine1

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