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Precautions For Operation Of Wire Cable Extrusion Machines

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Precautions for operation of wire cable extrusion machines

1. Before starting the wire extruder, you must first heat the screw barrel of the extruder, heat it according to the melting temperature of the plastic, and maintain a certain heating time, so that the plastic used can reach the degree of plasticization, so that the production The wire products reach a certain brightness.

Avoid low plasticizing temperature, resulting in no smooth finish and rough surface of wire products. Excessive plasticization temperature causes black burnt heads in the outer sheath of wire and cable products, and damages the plastic insulation and weather resistance.

To achieve the degree of plasticization required by each plastic, the heating temperature should be adjusted in time according to the inherent quality of the plastic. The degree of plasticization of each plastic is different, and the required heating is also different. It should be adjusted in time according to the actual production situation.

2. When the plasticized plastic is basically ready for production after preheating, during the heating of the plastic extrusion machine, the wire mold, aluminum wire or copper wire to be produced should be prepared, and the raw and auxiliary materials should be in place.

3. During the preheating and warming period, the cold water is automatically circulated to make it meet the production requirements and wait for the production of wire products.

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