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Regular Inspections And Emergency Solutions Of Plastic Extrusion Machine

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Every operator should understand that reducing plastic extrusion machines maintenance, replacing parts, and extending the working life of plastic extruder machines are important measures to reduce the cost of producing plastic products and improve economic efficiency. The equipment can work in the best condition for a long time, the quality of the plastic and the stability of the output are the basic conditions to ensure that the production enterprise has a higher profit.

The operator can work carefully according to the operating procedures and be responsible for his duties, which is the best maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. Therefore, before starting a job, a new worker must learn and memorize the operating procedures of plastic extrusion machines. After passing the actual operation assessment, they can officially start to work and operate independently.

To work independently and become a qualified extrusion production operator, you should pay attention to the following matters:

(1) When handing over the shift, the problems that occurred in the production equipment of this shift should be reminded to the next shift. The handover of the problems should be clearly noted; the production volume of the shift, the quality of the products and the production tools and equipment should be well handed over records.

(2) After completing the handover procedures when taking over, first check the production quality of the product, check the quality of the raw materials used in production, and check the number of production materials in the plastic extruder machine hopper. If any problems are found, they should be raised to the person in charge in time.

(3) Check whether the barrel and process control temperature of plastic extruder machines are within the process temperature range required by the production. According to the quality of the product and your own operating experience, you can make appropriate adjustments.

(4) The tour will patrol the production equipment for a week, check the working conditions of the transmission parts when the equipment is running, see if the rotation is smooth and normal, listen to the sound of the work, and check whether the temperature of the heating part is working properly.

(5) Check the meter to check the main motor voltage and current pointers on the operation control box. At this time, the ammeter pointer should be within the normal rated current index.

(6) All production is normal. The plastic extruder screw rotates smoothly, and the plastic products are extruded from the machine head at an even speed and steadily; after a period of time, check the appearance quality of the product, or take some products, and check whether the various indicators of the product are qualified. .

(7) When encountering a sudden power failure during work, the main motor, electric heating and feeding system switches should be turned off immediately, and the speed control switch knobs should be adjusted back to the zero position. When the power supply is restored, the barrel should be heated first, and after reaching the process temperature, keep it at a constant temperature for a period of time; turn the motor connection belt by hand to test the resistance of the screw rotation; if it is easier, start the motor at a low speed and start working. If the ammeter pointer exceeds the rated current value or the screw start speed is not stable, stop in time, find the cause (maybe the temperature of the material in the barrel is low), investigate the cause of the fault and remove it before starting the machine.

(8) If the downtime is long or the production is stopped, if there are polyolefin raw materials in the barrel, there is no need to clean it. Then the plastic extruder barrel contains polyamide and other raw materials, you must clean the raw materials in the barrel; then disassemble the screw to clean up the sticks in the screw and barrel; after the residual material in the screw barrel is cleaned up, apply a layer of anti-corrosion Rust oil, wrap the screw and hang it vertically in a dry and ventilated place.

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