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Safe Operation Regulations Of PVC Extruder Machine

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PVC extruder machine

PVC extruder machine is mainly used for extrusion molding after mixing PVC and other raw materials with stabilizers, lubricants and other additives. It is mainly used for plastic extruder production.

The safe operation rules of PVC extruder machine:

1. Personnel who have not undergone job evaluation and operation training cannot independently operate extruder production. 

2. Those with poor eyesight and slow response cannot work on duty. 

3. Make the environment around the equipment sanitary before driving, and no items unrelated to production are allowed to be stacked around the equipment. 

4. Before production, check whether the safety settings of the extruder are damaged, and test whether they can work effectively. Check whether the connecting bolts are loose and whether the safety protection devices are firm. 

5. Check all lubrication parts, remove dirt, and add lubricating oil. 

6. The heating and constant temperature time of the barrel and mold should be guaranteed, and the production should be started when the material temperature does not meet the process requirements. 

7. Before starting the screw drive motor, the V-belt should be supported by the hand plate, which should rotate flexibly without obstruction; then, start the lubricating oil pump for 3 minutes and then start the screw rotation at a low speed. 

8. The screw dry running time cannot exceed 2~3min. 

9. Before feeding the barrel, check the barrel and hopper, and no foreign matter is allowed; there should be no impurities such as metal and sand in the raw material to prevent damage to the screw. 

10. After the screw is started, the working sound of each transmission part is normal, and the main motor current is within the allowable rated value, before feeding into the barrel is allowed. When feeding, a small amount of material should be added first. 

11. When adjusting the mold gap or removing dirt, the operator must wear gloves and not face the barrel and mold to prevent the melt from spraying out of the mold and scalding the body. 

12. No maintenance is allowed during the running of the extruder, and no one is allowed to do any work on the equipment at this time. 

13. Stop emergency when encountering the following phenomena:  

The temperature of the bearing part is too high, and the lubricating oil (grease) flows out;  The motor emits peculiar smell, smoke, or the temperature of the casing is too high;  The lubricating oil temperature in the gearbox, smokes; the transmission parts make irregular abnormal sounds;  The machine produces violent noises Vibration;  The screw suddenly stops rotating.

14. The position of the safety cover and safety alarm device on the equipment is not allowed to be changed at will, and it is not allowed to cause malfunction by man. 

15. When water leakage or oil leakage is found, the equipment should be repaired and eliminated in time, and water and oil are not allowed to flow around the machine

There are many main items in the production of the PVC extruder machine. When using the PVC extruder machine, you need to strictly abide by the rules to protect the machine and your own personal safety.

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