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The Main Function Of The Automatic Wire Coiling Machine

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automatic wire coiling machine

The main function of the automatic wire coiling machine is to wind the linear object on the specific workpiece. It is more common in daily life, and many manufacturers will use the automatic wire coiling machine. So what are its main functions? Let's analyze it in detail below.

1. It can shorten the time of mold loading and unloading and improve labor consumption rate

There are generally two processes in the use of tooling fixtures:

(1) It is the fixing of the fixture itself on the equipment and the adjustment of the spacing. This process is mainly the connection and installation between the fixture itself and the equipment. This process requires the correction and detection of the fixture itself, whether the fixture can play a role key step.

(2) It is the device debugging of the winding frame in the fixture. This process is usually completed by a dedicated positioning block or positioning pin, which is a step to check whether the fixture design and manufacture are reasonable.

2. It can reduce the technical requirements and labor intensity of operators

 Because most of the clamping and installation of special fixtures only need to stop simple fixed control or move the handle to complete the clamping of the skeleton, which greatly reduces the time and difficulty of workers correcting and adjusting the position of the skeleton, and the manufacturing is reasonable. The fixtures basically do not require alignment and adjustment. Therefore, the use of these special fixtures reduces the technical requirements for workers and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

3. Enlarged the winding processing range of the wire coiling machine

Many special clamps for winding machines can not only clamp one type, but also clamp different types of skeletons, and they are equipped with adjustment positions, which can make the clamps themselves also be used on different types of winding machines. These are all extended The winding processing range of the winding machine is improved.

4. It can ensure relatively stable winding accuracy and product quality

During the winding process, the relative position between the skeleton and the spool wheel and the margins are guaranteed, and are not easily affected by other factors, so the winding accuracy of the product is stable and reliable.

Understanding the main function of the automatic wire coiling machine is very useful in choosing the right machine.

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