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The Main Components Of Twisting Machine

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The twisting machine is a kind of wire and cable equipment used for the formation of multi-core rubber cables, plastic cables, cross-linked cables, telephone cables, control cables, and armoring of various cross-sections. Twisting machines are mainly used for cable formation of power cables, control cables, signal cables, plastic cables, rubber cables and other products.

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The main components of wire twisting machine

1. Twisting cage

The structure is roughly similar to the stranding cage of the stranding machine, and there is a wire reel frame on the stranding cage to put the insulating core. The number of wire reels of various types of wire twisting machines is different. A large cable twisting machine generally has 3 or 6 wire reels, and a small wire twisting machine can have 18 or 24 or more wire reels. There is a brake on each wire reel frame of the stranding cage to control the tension of the wire core during stranding. The speed of the winch cage is adjusted by a variable speed gear, and the direction of rotation can also be changed. There are some fixed poles at the front of the winch for placing the filling rope reels.

2. Mould base

The paralleling module can be replaced as needed, and its function is to combine several insulated cores and twist them into a correct round cable.

3. The bag takes the lead

The structure is similar to that of the paper toe cap. There are generally 3 or 6 belt clips on the back of the cable core, which are used to wrap cloth tape, paper tape, glass cloth tape or film tape on the outside of the cable core.

4. Tractor

It is composed of a large-diameter rotatable wheel and a wire ring, which gives the wire core a linear movement and has a part that can adjust the speed. The stranding pitch is mainly controlled by the rotational speed of the traction.

5. Take-up device

It is used to wind the twisted cable on the take-up reel, and the storage speed should match the traction speed.

6. Place the pay-off rack for the centerline tool.

The composition of the wire twisting machine mentioned above is only a general case, there are many types of twisting machines, and the structure of various twisting machines is slightly different. TaiZheng is the leading wire twisting machine manufacturer in China, provides wire twisting machines, if you need it, please contact us.

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