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The Performance Characteristics Of The Wire Bunching Machine

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300mm double twist bunching machine

TaiZheng is a wire bunching machine manufacturer in China. The wire bunching machines are mainly used to strand large length and large cross-sectional area aluminum/aluminum alloy wires, bare copper wires, steel core aluminum stranded wires, sector conductors, and cross-linked tightly compressed cable cores. Together. We have more than 10 years of experience in producing wire bunching machines, so what are the performance characteristics of wire bunching machines? Let's explain it for you.

The performance characteristics of the wire bunching machine

1. The wire reels are divided into four equal parts around the twisting cage, and the reels are concentrated. The equipment has high rigidity and strength, good overall performance, a small moment of inertia, and high operating speed.

2. The equipment's traction drive adopts a 36-stage gearbox, dual active, dual traction device, the maximum traction force can reach 15 tons, and the traction device adopts natural line splitting to avoid wire core scratches during line splitting.

3. The tension is even when the spool is full to empty.

4. The equipment adopts the most advanced disconnection stop device, which can be directly controlled to each spool. When any spool is disconnected, the host will automatically stop. To ensure the repair of the wire after the wire break, it is especially suitable for the production of power cables and high-tension cross-linked cables.

5. The equipment can ensure that the 630mm² copper core with a compaction density of 90% or more is drawn and compacted to meet the needs of large-section cross-linked cable stranding.

Understanding the performance characteristics of the wire bunching machine can improve work efficiency in production and extend the service life of the machine.

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