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Type Of Wire Cable Bunching Machine

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cable bunching machine

The main types of wire bunching machines are single twist bunching machines and double twist bunching machines. Single-twist wire bunching mostly use the form of cradle (ie, take-up reel) rotation; double-twist wire bunching use floating cradles, which use the rotation of the rotating body to create the wire beam pitch. According to their rack layout, they can be divided into horizontal and vertical cable beamers; according to the number of cable beams on a rack, there are single-head cable beamers and multi-head cable beamers. There are also 200, 315, 400 and larger wire bunching machines.

Different forms of wire bunching machines have their own different names, and the names often include data on the outer diameter of the wire reel.

Commonly used is the horizontal double-pitch wire bunching machine. After continuous improvement and improvement, especially after the adoption of new technology, it has developed rapidly, and its use range and production efficiency have made great progress. It can not only manufacture bare stranded wires and bundled cores, but also conduct small-section power Use the stranding of rubber, plastic and paper insulated cores of wires and cables, and the pair-twisting, star-twisting and unit stranding of communication cable cores. The single-pitch wire bunching machine with both the cradle and the take-up reel is not used much because of the low speed and low production efficiency; but it is used to bundle products with a small number of single wires, because the single wire arrangement in the product is more The law can replace the regular stranding machine, and the efficiency is much higher than that of the stranding machine, which is a better process method.

In short, because the wire bunching equipment is relatively simple and the production efficiency is high, and the small twisted products can be replaced by the binding method, the specifications of the wire bunching machine are getting larger and larger, so the production of some products is gradually replaced The trend of twisted wire equipment. Adopting the principle of bundle system, in the cable production, the coil stranding machine and the coil stranding machine have been developed. After continuous research and experimentation, it will be possible to design stranding equipment that has the advantages of both stranding and beaming.

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