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Types Of Coil Winding Machine

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There are many types of coil winding machine, which can be divided into general-purpose and special-purpose types according to their uses.

Universal type-a coil winding machine suitable for installing a variety of frame windings by one or several wires.

Special type-is a coil winding machine equipped with a fixed special winding chuck, which can only wind one type of coil;

Common special coil winding machines are:

1. Special machine for oil winding transformer square transformer;

1) special for square transformer-(special machine for thin wire, special machine for thick wire)

2) special for ring transformer--(large ring machine, middle ring machine, small ring machine)

3) special for other types of transformers

2. Special machine for coil winding motor coils:

1) Fan motor dedicated machine (seat fan, ceiling fan, turning fan)

2) Special machine for toy micro motor; (flying fork type, special head-wound type)

3) Special machine for series-excited rotor coil (power tool)

4) Fractional horsepower motor and special machine for high horsepower motor.

3. Special machine for coil winding inductance coil

1) Special machine for mid-week and color code inductance

2) Special machine for small magnetic ring inductance coil

3) Special machine for speaker frequency division coil, speaker voice coil winding machine

4) Special machine for fluorescent lamp (electronic energy-saving lamp) ballast

4. other special coil winding machine speaker voice coil dedicated machine

1) Special machine for speaker voice coil

2) Special machine for electric heating tube

3) Insulating tape wrapping machine

4) Special machine for textile yarn

According to the degree of automation, the coil winding machine can be divided into simple coil winding machine, semi-automatic coil winding machine, and automatic coil winding machine. Electronic control methods include numerical control microcomputer single-chip microcomputer and IBM computer control.

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