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What Is A Wire Twisting Machine?

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The twisting machine is the main equipment for the production of power cables, plastic cables, and rubber cables in the wire and cable factory. The wire twisting machine is a complete set of equipment for manufacturing four-core and five-core plastic, cross-linked cables and armor with a cross-sectional area of 25-240mm square. It is redesigned with reference to the advanced cabling equipment at home and abroad, combined with the actual situation of my country's wire and cable production. Its structure is composed of transmission device, twisting cage, double row line mold base, winding head, steel belt head, meter counter, traction device, take-up wire rack, electrical control and other parts.

800mm single twisting machine

1. Installation of wire twisting machine

Before installing the machine, you should refer to the size of the foundation drawing, and make the foundation and anchor screw holes. After the foundation is solidified, you can install it (the position of the anchor holes of each component should be fixed according to the actual size and site positioning, and then pour cement). First determine two standard points on the foundation, use an ink fountain to eject an ink line to draw out the center line of the machine, and then press the main machine gear box, support seat, stranding cage, paper toe cap, steel toe cap, traction wheel and other components according to the size and position of the drawing. The overall picture is arranged in order. At the same time, two one-meter-high benchmarks are set up at both ends of the ink line, and a thin line is tightened so that it passes through the hollow shaft on the same axis. Then install the main engine gearbox, twisting cage, winding head, steel belt head, universal coupling, and 27-stage gearbox.

2. Lubrication

Each unit of the cable twisting machine adopts local lubrication, and often observe the oil level from the oil hole, change the oil in the box, add calcium-based grease to each drive shaft bearing, and the equipment that needs to be lubricated in the box are:

①Twisting cage gearbox ②Corner box ③Reducer ④Tootou gearbox ⑤Steel head gearbox

⑥ Traction gearbox ⑦ Cable gear box ⑧ Lifting worm gear box

After 1000 hours of production, the gearboxes are cleaned and replaced with new oil, and then replaced with new oil every 12 months. Relatively moving parts (chute, lead screw, open gear pair, etc.) are refueled once before each shift. Lubricate the grease part once a year.

3. Maintenance of cable twisting machine

The oil level of the gearbox is checked once a month. If the oil level is lower than the oil line, new oil must be added. Before each shift, check whether the fastening screw of the wire frame gland is loose and tightened.

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