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what is coiling machine?

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what is coiling machine

Nowadays, with the rapid development of industry, most electrical products need to be wound with copper wire to make an inductance coil, and a wire coiling machine is needed. So what is a coiling machine? As the name implies, a winding machine is a machine that winds a linear object onto a specific workpiece. It is usually used for winding copper wires.

Commonly used winding machine winding wire is enamelled copper wire (winding inductance coils for electronic and electrical products), 

enamelled aluminum wire, textile wire (yarn creases, coils for winding textile machines), and winding Electric heating wire and solder wire, 

electric wire, cable, etc. for electric heating appliances.

There are many types of winding machines, which can be divided into general type and special type according to their use:

Universal type--suitable for a variety of product winding machines, as long as the corresponding mold and instruction are replaced, it can correspond to the processing of different products.

Special type--winding machine for a specific product.

working principle:

The working principle is that the winding machine can be combined into a device with a high degree of automation through motors, electric components, pneumatic components, transmission devices, sensors, control systems, etc. Usually, it can automatically arrange the wire, wrap the head, break the thread, twist the thread, and load and unload. The operator only needs to ensure that the raw materials are sufficient. When there is no workpiece or copper wire, timely replacement can ensure continuous production. Usually, the number of shafts is higher to achieve high-efficiency production. 

Machines with a sufficiently high degree of automation can meet the requirements of one employee taking care of multiple devices at the same time.

range of application:

General electrical products mostly need to use enameled copper wire (enameled wire for short) wound into an inductor coil, can be used to complete this or more processing.

For example: various motors, hollow cup motors, rotor, stator, pin inductance, SMT inductance, transformer, solenoid valve, word inductance, resistor, ignition coil, RFID, mutual inductor, audio coil, IC card high and low frequency coil, focusing coil and so on.

That's all about wire coiling machine. In the next news, I'll talk about the types of wire coiling machine. If you like, come and watch it.

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