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Wire & Cable Bunching Machine Operating Procedures

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The wire & cable bunching machine twists various soft/hard conductor wires into bundles of finished products that meet customer requirements. When using the wire bunching machine, the wire bunching machine operator needs to participate in training and learn the operating procedures before taking the job.

Wire bunching machine operating procedures

1. Strictly abide by various operating procedures to ensure safe production.

2. According to the lay length requirements specified by the process, install the corresponding pulleys and lay length gears according to the lay length table.

3. Install the pay-off reel, and pull the copper wire through the wire storage of the pay-off rack to the wire inlet end of the host, and then pass into the host through the guide input. One of them must be guided by the meter counter (otherwise, the meter counter will not count after power on).

4. Install the take-up reel, and the wire passing through the host will pass through each guide and twist the bow, and finally wind a few turns on the take-up reel.

5. Turn on the main power switch in the electric cabinet of the host, and set the length budget of the meter counter according to the process requirements. If the original length of the original meter is not zero, it should be cleared.

6. Flip the six toggle switches on the side of the electrical control cabinet of the host to the ON position.

7. Check whether the tray at the bottom of the main unit has been lowered to the end. If it has not been lowered to the end, loosen (turn it counterclockwise) the switch of the oil pressure pump to lower it to the end, and close the door and cover.

8. Turn the "speed setting potentiometer" on the electrical cabinet of the host computer to the end counterclockwise, press the "motor start" button, and then slowly turn the "speed setting" potentiometer clockwise, and the machine will start running at the running speed Indicated by the tachometer.

9. When the predetermined length is reached, the machine will automatically stop. After the twisting bow is completely stopped, open the hood and lower the unloading door. Turn off the oil pump switch again (turn it clockwise), pull out the oil pump hook, and squeeze the oil pump handle to raise the tray against the take-up reel. After unloading the spool, in order to prevent the hydraulic handle from falling off, hook the hook to the handle of the oil pump.

10. During operation, if any disconnection is found, the machine will automatically stop emergency. If an unexpected situation occurs, you can press the "Emergency Stop" button when an emergency stop is needed, and the machine will stop quickly.

11. When wire breakage or wire change occurs, the connector should be small and reliable. Before the joint reaches the take-up reel, it should run at low speed. At this time, it should be operated in jog mode. The jog operation method is as follows: open the door cover, press the micro switch with your left hand, and press the "inch button" with your right hand, the bow will run at low speed. Release this button to stop running. During the inching process, the joint should be observed visually. After the joint reaches the take-up reel, the door cover can be covered and the normal operation can be performed.

12. At the end of the work, the power should be cut off, the waste should be cleaned up, and the machine should be kept tidy.

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