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Working Principle Of Wire Cable Taping Machine

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The wire cable taping machine is a vertical double-layer paper wrapping machine, which rotates the wrapping tape (paper tape, aluminum foil, etc.) through the turntable, and wraps it on the core wire. The double-ended wrapping can be rotated to one left and one right for secondary winding. package.

Wire cable taping machine is mainly used for mica tape wrapping of insulated cores of wires, power cables, control cables, and optical cables. Fire-resistant wires and cables are mainly used in power plants, airports, ships, high-rise buildings, subways, underground streets and entertainment venues. The demand for fire-resistant wires and cables is increasing day by day, so the advent of the multi-head fire-resistant wire and cable wrapping machine has provided all wire and cable factories with brand-new special equipment.

Working principle of wire cable taping machine

The wire taping machine is a double-head winding, which is driven by a frequency conversion motor through a belt to make the winding disk rotate in the left and right directions. On the core wire, in order to achieve the purpose of secondary winding, the rotation speed of the take-up wheel is adjusted to meet the needs of different winding pitches. Single-head, double-head and three-head wrapping machines can be produced according to customer requirements.

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