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HS code:84224000
Model: TZ-TM400H
Application:for fire-resistant,water-resistant cable
Suitable materials:non-metal tapes
Production capacity: 2500 rpm
Warranty:12 months

Horizontal multi-layer wire cable tapping machine

■ Application: 

Suitable for continuous multi-layers concentric wrapping by tapes for wire&cable.

■ Main specifics:

1. Suitable input wire diameter: Φ5.0~30.0mm

2. Suitable tape: Mica tape/teflon tape /cotton tape/ aluminum foil tape/mylar tape/BOPP tape/polyester tape/kraft paper etc.

3. Tapes specific: OD 400mm*Width 20mm*ID:75mm( can be customized )

4. Rotating speed: Max2500rpm; Line speed: Max50m/min

5. Power: 1HP motor together with frequency converter to adjust speed for each wrapping head, taping plate linkage with capstan motor

6. Heat melting oven: Movable retractable oven, with RKC controller, temperature tolerance±1

7. Pay-off type: Single lever counterweight active pay-off, with frequency converter to adjust speed, designed with wire break protection

8. Take-up type: Take-up by moving shaft, without damage in traversing process, traversing space can be adjusted according to the wire specification.

9. Tapping tensile strength 100-800mN/m.

10. Painted color : blue or customized

Production Line Composition:

1. Motor driven type pay-offs                                 1 set

2. Multi-layer tapping machine                               1 set

3. Take-up traversing machine                               1 set

4. Heat melting oven                                               1 set

5. Control system                                                    1 set

6. Spare parts and manuals                                     1 set

■ Brand of electric parts:

1.Gearbox: Chengbang from Taiwan

2.Converter: SINNE

3.Motor: Siemens

4.Bearing: NSK from Japan


6.PLC Controller: Siemens

7.Interface: Weinview from Taiwan


■ Details Technical Specification:

1. Motor driven type pay-offs

A: lock and lifting type: Pneumatic or motorized

B: power by 3 HP gear motor,speed control by converter.

C: tensile equipment : Arm type tension device equipped on the top, the line speed are controlled by the output signal from potentiometer.

D: wire broken detect: non-contact type photo-electricity detecting device, alarming and emergency stop while wire broken.

E: suitable bobbin size: DIN 400-500(suggested,can be customized)



Hole Diam



Bore diam







2. Multi-layer wire cable tapping machine:

A: tapping type: horizontal concentric tapping for 3-6 layers as required

B: tapping motor: 1HP with inverter adjustable for speed

C: tapping plate: rotating plate ID max 400mm,tapes should be OD max 350mm.

D: tapping direction: S or Z set free

E: tensile control: counting track way adjusting by the tension voltages, linear variation from empty to full loading,and available to fine adjustment to correcting on operation.

F: tapping mold fixed way: mold fixed on the hollow shaft, conduit tube smooth to keeps the inlet wire from damage, the conduit tube movable from up and down to adjust the distance between mold and tapping point, prevent from sharking on processing.

G: angle adjusting device: bilateral symmetry design,easy and convenient to S/Z reversing.

H: tapes install and fixed way: easy and quick locking device.

3. Take-up traversing machine

A:traversing by 40mm rod type

B:take-up motor :5 HP gear motor with inverter,linkage with capstan device

C:take-up tensile: control by vertical straight pulley,speed control by the output signal from potentiometer.

4. Heat melting oven

A. Exergy hot way: non contact type high temperature electric heating continuous melt device, temperature control hot melt pipe of the air temperature inside. When the degree exceeds the set temperature range, stop heating, hot box to maintain the temperature; when the temperature is lower than the set temperature range, starting the heating, heating box has always been to maintain a constant temperature heating state;

B. heating power: 230V/5KW aluminum heater, RKC temperature control, precision:+ - 1 DEG c;

C. linkage function: wrapping disk, heating box automatically launch; tape disc stop, automatic return heating box. Regardless of the launch or return, heating box are in the insulation state, to prevent the wire temperature is not consistent.

D. Safety device: - heater exterior heat insulation cotton insulation design, chassis surface temperature lower than 50 DEG c;

5. Control system

- power control: control by the general switch and shunt switch;

-In the operation of the motor control: driven by frequency control of the motor respectively;

-The automatic technological control system for the whole processing.

-Operating instruction: PLC control, touch screen operation panel located in the upper machine body, convenient to operation;

- line speed table: take-up speed displayed on the touch screen;

- tachometer, display the current speed of rotation for each tapping head;

- meter counter, is arranged on the touch screen display current meters,alarm system& stop while meter counted.

-Linkage / individual control: multi-layer tapping reel and leading and linkage line, acceleration and deceleration synchronous stable, reflecting the rapid, respond in a timely manner;

-indicator: the action indicator shows striking, correctly reflect the real-time condition.

6.Spare parts and manual:





Tool box

1 set

Operation manual 

1 copy

Lay-out sketch

1 copy


1 set

+/- screw

1 set


1 set


1 set

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