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Wire Cable Coil Taping & Shielding machine is for vertical or horizontal taping process on the conductor surface or cable jacket surface ,for fire-resistant or water-resistant or shielding purpose. During the taping process there might be heating melting or drain wire filling,this can be customized according to your products structures.

Supply scope of Taping & Shielding solutions:

Vertical wire cable coil taping machine of 1/2/3/4 layers: for fire-resistant or water-resistant purpose by using traverse coils or tape plate.

horizontal taping of multilayers: for fire-resistant or water-resistant purpose by using tape plate with filling.

What is tapping machine?

High speed automatic tapping machine is made to reach the highest performance with different kind of materials. Such as Mica-glass, Mica-polyester, Polyamide, PTFE, Polyester and many others.

The high speed automatic taping machine is made in vertical or horizontal lay-out according the request of the customer and the space available. 

The taping line can be complete with take-up and pay-off with motor and mechanical dancer with loading cell to have a very precise control on the wire tension otherwise with manual, pneumatic or electronic brake. Dimensions of the take-up and pay-off according the customer request.

Wire Cable Mica Tapping Machine Features

1. The electronic control system for the taping speed and the tension on the tape elaborates all the main elements of the material used. Such as the specific weight and the dimension of the spool or pad and dynamic friction. With this system we have always the right tension on the tape during the running of the wire cable coil taping machine. Also when we are increasing or decreasing the speed.

2. On the HMI it is possible to set the tension on the tape from 1 up to 25N.

3. The PLC communication with the motors drives and the HMI is with the high speed protocol Profinet. 

4. All the motors are brush-less type with very high performance and maintenance free. With this motors we have an accurate control of the speed and tension on the tape.

5. From athe HMI it is possible to set the barrel diameter of the pad or the spool: the machine will stop before ending the tape or in case of breakage.

6. The measure of the meters produced is made with an encoder with a very high number of pulse to get an accurate counting.

7. In the HMI it is possible to save the most produced cable parameters.

Taping Machines Information:

ModelTypePad size (mm)   DxdxWRotating speed   (rpm)Pad shaft   capacity (mm)Reel diameter   (mm)
TS630VVertical 400x75x102000300500-630
TD630VVertical 400x75x102000300500-630
DT300Vertical 300x50x102000300500-630
TT630VVertical 400x75x102000300500-630
TF630VVertical 400x75x102000300500-630


Tapes: Mica-glass, Mica-polyester, Polyamide, PTFE, Polyester

Cables: Fire-resistant cables,water-resistant cables etc.

Tapping machine Youtube

A wire cable mica taping machine that automatically winds a glass fiber tape into a catheter, thereby speeding up the manufacture of superconducting magnets in the laboratory

Tapping Machines Q&A:

Q: What is a tapping machine used for?

A: taping machine used for various tapes wrapping on the conductor or insulated wire surface,to get the performed fire-resistant or water-resistant purpose.

Q: How does a tapping machine work?

A: The use of concentric tapping in helical processing by the rotating tapping head, for proper overlap ratio by changing the main motor and capstan speed trough PLC.