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Single twist and lay up machine is for insulated cores cabling with on line wrapping or filling purpose,for unilay stranding of flexible cables with back twisting or without back twisting.

Supply Scope of Twisting & Lay Up Solutions:

Frame type single twister: for multiple cores single twisting+filling & wrapping.

Cantilever type single twister: for multiple cores unilay twisting +filling & wrapping.

Bow type lay up machine: for multiple cores twisting+filling & wrapping with back twisting function.

pair twister with back twister: for pair twisting with back twisting functions.

Stand-alone wire twisting machines to twist two or more single wires and cables.

Twisting single wires into twisted pair cables gives them a higher stability for easier wire routing and greatly improved protection against electromagnetic interference.Many years of experience with fully-automatic wire twisting machines and in depth know how thanks to customized twisting solutions.

Introduction of Wire Cable Twisting Machine:

Our range of single twisting machines are designed with the updated to the latest technologies.

It also includes an innovative version equipped with a sliding flyer arm(cantilever) granting faster operational speed and reduced energy consumption.

Single twist are expressly designed to produce LAN, DATA and Instrumentation cable and flexible strands (Class 5).

They can also operate as back-twist pay-off to produce multi-passes strands.

Single twist 500/630/800/1000/1250

Max. cable diameter 30 mm

Cable Twisting Machine Features:

High production speed.

Winding tension control with differential mechanism stable in any cable length.

Smooth cable path.

Lay length accuracy given by differential gear driving system.

Back-twist or driven type pay-off.

Wire Twisting Machine Video

The wire twisting machine has two integrated twisting wires.

These machines have high-speed twist heads, which can achieve unparalleled performance.