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A coiling machine or coiler is a machine for various materials onto a spool, bobbin, reel, etc.

TAIZHENG is a leading custom wire cable coiling machine manufacturer & supplier in China. Mainly manufacturing standard coiling machines as well as custom precision coiling machines that address various light and heavy-duty coiling requirements. These models are engineered to coil wires, cables, hoses, pipes, threads, rope,metallic strips and many other flexible products with different applications in a diverse market place including the wire and cable industry, automotive, aviation, optical cable, medical, housing and many more.

Wire cable coiling machine have a center roll (a bobbin, spool, reel, spindle, etc.) on which the material is wound up. Often there are metal shaft that travel through the center of the roll. And are shaped according to their intended purpose. 

In order to obtain a finished product which can be sold, the insulated conductors (flexible or rigid) and some small cables have to be coiled into bound coils, wrapped in plastic or shrinking foil and sometimes packed in cardboard boxes and placed on pallets.These operations can be done manual wire coiling machine, semi auto coiling machine or automatic coil winding machine.

The bigger cables with outer final sheathing are generally supplied directly on wooden reels of large dimensions.In that case the re-spooling is required to give customer finished products from larger reel into disposable package(such as dis-mountable wooden drums) at proper length.

Wire cable coiling machine features:

1. Tension Control: One of the keys to precise coiling is tension control. Buffering & lightweight components specifically designed to put minimal stress on the product while maintaining tension requirements.

2. Adaptability Easy integration: designed to be incorporated with multiple components in a line, and can be adapted to include additional features. Stretch wrapping, spark testing, printing and other capabilities can all be added to existing machinery and control systems for seamless operation.

3. Adjustable Ensuring the multiple need: The electrical and mechanical components of the cable coiling machines are designed to run in complete harmony while still allowing for flexibility.

4. Parameters such as hole size, density, width and taper are all adjustable, allowing the coil to be fine-tuned to accommodate different packaging needs.