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Various wires coming into a bunching machine. Which will be in charge of assembling them into a bunch or a strand. The phase bunching process consists of assembling some strands. Or cables for the construction of a multi-conductor cable. Depending on the shape of its cross section, this process can be called round stranding or sectoral stranding. These 2 processes can be carried out either with flexible or rigid and either with bare or insulated conductors. 

Two different machine types for bunching machines

(1)Single twist bunching machine

The single twist bunching machine is a spinning of the take-up reel around its centre axis.

The single twist buncher is limiting the bending radius of the ingoing individual products. In case the small achievable bending radius of the single conductor is bigger than the bending radius inside the single twist machine. Another way of production has to be selected for example drum twister. Thanks to modern control technology. The single twist machines can perform good stranding results for the entire production length.

(2)Double twist bunching machine

The double twist bunching machine is making two twists in turn of the bow. 

The elements doing to be bunched are outside the machine housing and are going to the lay-plate in front of the machine. From the lay-plate they are going through the bow where the two twists are added before going onto the spool or bobbin.

Double twist buncher is used for stranding multi-stranded copper wires, tinned wires, enameled wires, copper-clad aluminum wires.

Double twist bunching machine which runs on a process usually with no back twist. Suitable for the stranding of 7 copper wires (class 2) as well as for bunching of many fine copper wires (class 5). Additionally this machine can be used for laying up of 2/3/4 cores of small size building wires.

TZ-BM500S Double twist bunching machine TZ-SM1250 Double twist bunching machine

Bunching Machine Typical Application

Model:    Application

BM-300:    Earphone cable enamelled wire :8x0.08mm,14x0.05mm

                  USB cable tinned copper wire: 7x0.13mm,7x0.16mm,7x0.2mm,19x0.08mm,19x0.10mm,

                  Ethernet Cable copper wire: 7x0.145mm

BM-500:    USB cable tinned copper wire: 7x0.25mm,7x0.32mm,19x0.13mm,19x0.16mm,19x0.20mm,

                  Automotive cable tinned or bare copper wire: AVSS/AV/AVX/AVSSX/HAEXF upto 2.5f,CAVS,AVS 

                  HDMI cable conductor bunching all size

                  Power cord/battery cable upto 2.5mm2

                  Speaker Wire bare or tinned copper wire all size(16-22 AWG)

BM-630:    Automotive cable tinned or bare copper wire: AVS/AV/AVX upto 5

                  Power cord/battery cable upto 6.0mm2

                  Fire Alarm Cable bare copper wire 14-22 AWG

BM-800:    Automotive cable tinned or bare copper wire: AVS/AV/AVX upto 8

                  Power cord/battery cable upto 16.0mm2

                  Submersible/Welding Cable upto AWG 4

BM-1000:   Power cord/battery cable upto 25.0mm2

                   Submersible/Welding Cable upto AWG 1 

BM-1250:    Power cord/battery cable upto 35.0mm2,flexible conductors upto 7*2.52mm

                    Submersible/Welding Cable upto AWG 4/0

High speed copper wire double twist bunching machine video

Wire cable bunching machine is the key equipment for conductors processing. The working principle is various wires coming into a bunching machine which will be in charge of assembling them into a bunch or a strand.