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HS code:84798110
Application:for electrical cable coiling up to 16 mm2
Suitable materials:insulated flexible cable,building cable,power cord etc,
Production capacity:180 m/min
Warranty:12 months
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Automatic Coil Winding Machine Features:

1. can be online with pay-off machine or extrusion line directly.

2. Equipment designed for auto coiling +auto binding+auto shrink wrapping+auto transferring+auto drying all in one by PLC control.

3. Equipped with servo motor traversing system, finished product neat and clear.

4. Equipped with PLC touch screen,easy to operate.

5. Micro-computer can store 99 different wire size,convenient for multifunction producing.

6. Equipped with automatic detection device,operator are under alarming when date error happens. 

Electric Motor Winding Machine Parameters:

1. Power: AC 380 V,3P,50Hz.(Or designed according to client)

2. Operation direction:left(   )  right(    )

3. Suitable wires:from diameter 1-8mm electric wire(1.5-10.0mm2),soft wire,BV/AV power cable.

4. Rolling speed:Max 780 RPM

5. Rolling size:

out diam.460mm(max)*height 50-120mm

Inner diam according to rolling head,range from 140-200mm(fixed size),customer should chose one from the mentioned and manufacturer confirm it .

6. Coils length: 100m/coil

7. Finished coils feeding method: arm hold type

8. Length counter : counting accurate 0.01m,auto decelerate for preset length and auto coiling process for length reached.

9. Traversing device: using the servo motor for traverse, which is synchronized with coiling process.

10. Electrical circuit control: by microcomputer with PLC.

11. Operation panel using DELTA Graphic Operator Interface.

12. Instrument & Switch on the panel: touch screen, speed regulator,emergency stop switch.

Speed also can be adjusted by the touch screen.

13. The PLC with connector for spark tester(provided by customer), for house wire spark testing ,optional for auto stop when spark occurs.

14. The PLC with connector for diameter gauge(provided by customer),for diameter control inline with coiling process.

Wire Coiling Machine Component:

Meter counting part --------------- 1 unit

Wire feeding part --------------- 1 unit

Door type cutting --------------- 1 unit

Rolling head and winding plate --------- 1 unit

Traversing system --------------- 1 unit

Arm hold system -----------------1 unit

Cable push system ---------------- 1 unit

Bundle system --------------- 1 unit

Robotic arm push system-------1 unit

Convey system ----------- 1 unit

Auto wrapping system -------------1 unit

Heat wrapping oven-------- 1 unit

Spare parts ------------------- 1 set

Operation tooling ------------ 1set

Operation manuals ---------- 1 set

Coil Winding Equipment Component Specification:

λ meter counting part:

A:Equipped Up-down shift wheel,length counting by precise Encoder,accurate to centimeter.

B:meter counting made my aluminum alloy materials,the up shift wheel surface treated by plating hardness,the down shift wheel treated by rubber coating,no damage to wires,with single direction bearing to protect the wire&cable from backing work 

λ rolling head :

Horizontal type pushing by compressed air to controlling the rolling head.automatic cease when set length finished.

λ traversing system:

Controlled by computer,driving by servo motor,synchronization operation for servo motor and main motor,sign transit by precise encoder.

λ cutting system :

Vacuum treated door type cutting system made of SKD-11 special steels,automatic cutting for setting length.

λ bundle system:

After rolled,bundle system servo to transfer to wrapping table.

λ controlling panel :

The HMI system is more convenient for direct touch operation on the screen.

The central computer control system controls the speed of the coil, the length of the coil, the warning system, the line speed adjustment, the indicator light, the emergency stop and the reset.

In the case of the machine running, the line length, wire diameter, line speed and other data can still be changed, which is free from the inconvenience of stopping the adjustment, and can monitor the line speed and length and the whole machine action on the screen.

The microcomputer memory can store 99 different wire volume specifications. When you need to change the product specifications, you can read the stored specification data and you can produce it immediately without inputting it again.

λ driving motor :

Coiling system: 7.5HP +4HP AC motor and vector controlling converter.

Traversing system: 400W servo motor+servo driver.

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