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HS code:84798110
Application:for small size wire & cable 0.5-6.0 mm2
Suitable materials:insulated core,flexible wire and cable,plastic filament etc,
Production capacity:200 m/min
Warranty:12 months

1. How this wire cable semi-auto tube coiling machine works 

In order to obtain a finished product which can be sold, the insulated conductors (flexible or rigid) and some small cables have to be coiled into bound coils, wrapped in plastic or shrinking foil and sometimes packed in cardboard boxes and placed on pallets.

These semi-auto tube coiling machine operations can be done manually, semi-automatically or automatically.

The bigger cables with outer final sheathing are generally supplied directly on wooden reels of large dimensions.

For the production of coils of flexible conductors of preset length. With AC motor and frequency variator. With meter counter. Insulation control ( optional )- Spark tester. The coiling system has a pneumatic brake which stops the wire cable semi-auto coiling machine instantaneously when reaching the preset length on the meter counter or when a fault is detected in the insulation of the cable or when pressing the STOP button. The rotating plate sets in working position each of the 2 coiling heads(optional). During each phase of coiling, as one coiling head is rotating, the aother are remaining still, allowing the strapping or binding of the previous coil and the unloading of it. Each coiling head has a collapsible flange with a device allowing a quick and easy extraction of the coil with absolute safety.

Usually this semi auto wire cable winder is fed by an overhead pay-off system. The ideal paying-off system is a motorized pay-off for bobbins with a built-in dancer accumulator.

2. What is the semi auto wire cable winder Features

A . Take automatic traversing way,save manpower for manual traverse.

B. Adopt the fast coiling device,the finished coils on the machine can be quickly and easily removed , reduced labor intensity and saved the labor time.

C. Three processes of wire coiling,bundling,plastic film packaging can be finished by one person,reduced labor costs.

D. The cable finished in a neat row and good quality.

1.Main technical parameters:


Insulated core 0.5-6.0mm2, OD max 6mm.

Pay-off type

Passive type

Pay-off drum size

Flange OD ≤φ630mm

Traversing type

Automatic traversing

Motor power


Motor rotation


Coils inner Diam.

120mm or customized

Coils outer diam.


Coils width

40~100mm adjustable

No. of slots

2/3 upon request

Daily production capacity

About 700 coils(8 hr/D)

2. Compositions & Technical specification:

Items No.

Name & specification



passive type pay-off machine



meter counter



Semi-automatic coiling machine.


2.1.passive type pay-off machine
A. Adopted the tension accumulate way(with dancer) to keep the tension stably.
B. Tension strength can be adjusted according to the wire diameter.

C. lever type brake way,pay-off drum will be braked in 1-2 second when the meter reached to the preset length,to protect the wire from mess.

D. Adopted hand shank,convenient for quick loading & unloading of drums.

2.2.meter counter

A.pinch roller and counter roller using single direction NSK bearing,allowed for single direction only ,good for precision counting.

B. Digital display of length from 0-9999m.
C. Rollers with special plating treated ,surface with soft rubber cover to protect wire&cable.

2.3. Semi-automatic coiling machine

A. Traversing: automatic traversing in coiling process.

B. Power: 3HP SIEMENS motor, speed 0-500rpm.

C. Control: 3HP EMERSON converter,adopted converter software and automatic brake technology, protect the wire from damage when start operation.

D. Coils length available for free setting on the meters from 0-9999m.

E. appearance color: light blue(or customized)

F. operation directions: right to left(←) or from left to right(→)

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