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HS code:84253990
Model: TZ-SM1250
Application: Conductors Stranding & Compacting, Cores laying up.
Suitable materials:copper wire,Aluminum wire,flexible core etc,
Production capacity:500 rpm, 250 m/min(lay length=250)
Warranty:12 months

The bunching process can be explained as follows: various wires coming into a double twist copper wire bunching machine which will be in charge of assembling them into a bunch or a strand.

The phase stranding process consists of assembling some strands or cables for the construction of a multi-conductor cable. Depending on the shape of its cross section, this process can be called round stranding or sectoral stranding.

These 2 processes can be carried out either with flexible or rigid and either with bare or insulated conductors 

Double Twist Copper Wire Stranding Machine Type / Structures

High performance double twist copper wire Stranding machine with positive driven capstans; left and right directions available.

Welded steel construction. stress free annealed heavy duty frame to achieve all requirements regarding direction, sound proofing and safety.

Machine foundation or sound proof enclosure is not necessary. Aerodynamic design with performance stranding bow, along with solid high tensile steel, makes for low friction and gentle wire path.

The Rotors are dynamically balanced.

Grease Injection bearings for main spindle.

Idler pulley capstan is slip-less gear driven to achieve a constant lay length even during acceleration and deceleration.

1. Service range: For cable manufacturing company only


cores : laying up 2-7 PVC,PE insulated

conductors : 7 No.s CU/TC/CCA/CCS/ALU wires stranded up to 35.0mm2


3.1.Insulated core size: from 2.0mm  upto 6.5mm

Conductor size: from 1.0mm upto 3.0mm

3.2.Diam of finished strand: 4.0mm--19.5mm (core)

 3.0mm--9.5mm (conductor)

3.3.Lay length: From 40mm up to 350 mm, Selection/adjustment of lay length is done by HMI digital touch screen, capstans are hard chrome plated to avoid wear.

Hauling off device:   D=500mm double capstan system

3.4.Lay direction  Left or Right (S or Z), By HMI with selector switch.

3.5.Spool size  Max. Flange diam. 1250mm ,Max. Overall Width 950mm

3.6.Machine speed Max. 500 rpm= 1, 000 tpm

Line speed Max 200 m/min*(line speed=2*rpm*Lay length/1000)

3.7.Main Drive 30KW 6P Induction Motor

3.8.Other Drive       2.2KW 4P Reducer Motor with hydraulic pump for Lift/Load

15KW Servo Motor for capstan

0.75 Kw Geared Motor for traverse

10kw Servo motor for take-up

3.9.Spool Drive     Servo motor automatically controlled in 256 steps from empty to full spool


4.1.Drum support: shaft-less type

4.2.Loading device: platform loading device powered by electric motor and hydraulic pump. Fully interlocked for operator safety. Spring loaded locking pins so operator does not have to align holes in reel.Screw for pintle protected by mechanical torque limit.

4.3.Traverse : mechanical driven traverse, with end pitch easily adjustable. 

Screw rod leaner traverse : max traverse width 800mm

4.4.Brake : Disk Brake for emergency stop (compressed-air 4kg/cm2, 5-8 sec) Normal stop by AC frequency control unit(Max 60sec)

4.5.Main control cabinet: Control cabinet is located on the front of the buncher and controls the essential operations required to operate the buncher. The main power switch circuit breaker assembly is located on the entrance side of machine cabinet.

4.6.Operator panel : Switch and button- ( RUN, STOP,Emergency STOP, Power Switch ),Rotary knob-(speed regulator)

4.7.HMI digital setup: S/Z selector, LIFT UP/DOWN, LIGHTING,LAY LENGTH, PRESET LENGTH,Traverse width.

PLC control is included in the main control cabinet. Installation of separate cabinet is not necessary.


4.9.Machine stop by : Pre-determined wire length, spool clamping failure , shortage of oil for main bearings and open safety doors.

4.10.Power supply voltage: 3×380VAC,50Hz, 55.75kVA with inverter controller

4.11.Machine center height: 1250 mm

4.12.Machine direction: Right hand to Left hand

4.13.Dimension : 6100x2250×2450 mm

4.14.Weight : approx 12.0 tons

4.15.Lay plate & Die holder : Rotating & Stationary die holder. The lay plate is movable.

5.Special requirement

5.1.For brake system: pressurized air max. 5kg/cm2

6.Standard accessories

6.1.Anchor bolts and iron plate for installation    1 set

6.2.Limit switch for traverse & lift                     2 set

6.3.Standard tool                                            1 set


Copper wire Welder

8.Remarks :The following items are excluded from our offer

8.1.Take up spool, pay-off bobbin & pay-off device

8.2.Closing die

8.3.Wiring and piping installed outside the machine

8.4.Cost of materials and relative transportation charge for test running with load. Air tickets, hotel, meals and other expenses for test run at our factory and customer factory.

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