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HS code:84253990
Model: TZ-PT500 & TZ-PT630
Application:for insulated core double twisting with online back twisting
Suitable materials:Ethernet cable core of Cat5,Cat5e,Cat6,Cat6a etc,
Production capacity:1200rpm,28.8 m/min(lay length=12 mm)
Warranty:12 months

Pair Twist & Back Twist Machine 

Our pair twisting machines work combination with back twist pay-off,are specially designed for the stranding of insulated conductors which used for Ethernet Cable mostly. At TAIZHENG pair cable twiste & back wire twister are tailor made for specific cable productions according to the customer's requirements. Please inquire for our models for reel dia. 500 – 630 mm.

we proudly claim that our pair twisting machine are the absolute reference on the China market thanks to their high production speed and the quality of the finished products, but also thanks to their longer lifespan, their easy maintenance, their user friendliness! The short time needed for bobbin or reel loading and unloading is a real plus.

1. Usage:

1-1  Dedicated for CAT cable(cat 5,cat 5e,cat 6,cat 6a) pair twist+back twist

2. Pair twisting machine - Twisting Machine Supplier 

2-1  Inlet wire dia0.4--1.5mm,step-less speed regulating by electrical setting.

2-2  Pitch range4.96-39.64mm,pitch change by changing the plastic gears(or digital setup optional)

2-3  twisting directionavailable for left or right.(S-Z)

2-4  take up bobbin size: φ500*56*300mm.

2-5  take up capacity: <250kg.

2-6  traverse way: by polished rod.

2-7  center height :775mm

2-8  bearings : KOYO or NSK from Japan.

2-10 main motor : 5HP frequency Siemens motor,control by Inovance inverter.

2-11 rotation : max 2500 RPM

2-12 drums lifting by pneumatic device and locking by mechanical manual.

3. Back twisting machine - Twisting Machine Supplier 

3-1  rotary bow by 4HP Siemens motor,control by Inovance inverter, each 1 set

3-2  pay-off driven motor by 0.55kw Siemens motor,control by vectorial Inovance inverter, 2 set

3-3  suitable reel size : φ500*56*300mm 

3-4  rotation of twisting bow : max 1050RPM. Reels lifting by 0.55kw motor*2,protected with proximity switch.

3-5  bobbin locking by mechanical manual way,to ensure safety and reliable.

3-6  transmission by timer belt in high accuracy with lower noise.

3-7  loading capacity: max 200kg/reel

3-8  pay-off tension 3-10N

3-9  back-twist ratio : 0-50%

3-10 with wire reserve device online working with pay-off motor to ensure stable tension

3-11 with function of wire broken alarming/stop and over tension

4. Basic information

4-1  operation direction: from right to left(or customized)

4-2  occupied areas : 6.8*2.1*2.5m (L*W*H)

4-3  power supply : 380V,3P,50Hz

4-4  appearance color : sky-blue or customized

5. Features:    

5-1 Machine welding by special steels,with stress relieving annealing treatment ,protect the machine from deformation,

5-2 Balance tested before send out,low noise and steady on operation

5-3 Using new molybdenum disulfide grease,to ensure long time reliable running in high speed condition do no damage to the main bearings.

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